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Datakom was founded in 1988 as an electronic R&D company. Initially, only provide electronic device design services with two engineers, began to contract manufacturing  since 1990. Since 1994 directed the strategy to design and produce their own products. Became one of the world's most important player in the sector of generator devices with the broadest product portfolio. Innovative solutions offered by Datakom make them lead the field on many subjects.

Energy quality holds the largest among Datakom’s future plans and has sizable R&D investment on Energy Quality today. Acquired an important place in the market on short time with its unique and innovative products thus the company’s market share is increasing rapidly. Datakom, especially be oriented towards energy quality, reactive compensation, transmission and distribution network monitoring also analysis & reporting of carbon footprint.

Nowadays, Datakom designs all products web based and ethernet communicated. Rainbow SCADA integrated products that work with Internet monitoring software is connected directly to the Internet without any additional module, offers easy installation and low investment cost advantages. Rainbow Scada Software developes and adds new features everyday, became the main monitoring tool of many companies.
Datakom has design, production, technical support, sales and after sales services within the company. By this way, captures better quality levels and low production costs with high volume. 

Unconditional Customer Satisfaction is the main fundemantal principle of Datakom. Uncompromising quality management system operated and raising the quality of products the company used only the finest materials are the cornerstones of opening up to the world market.

Datakom knows very well that only innovative products developing companies can survive thats why directs all resources to R&D investments. 20% of Datakom employees directly and 5% of Datakom employees indirectly employs for R & D department, it indicates that how seriously taken of the new product design. Spends 15% of its turnover to R&D, 10% is state of technology companies exceeded the threshold

In 1988, Datakom started the way with the team of 3 people and continuous today with 60 person team. This is source of our pride that %25 of our employees consists of experienced electrical and electronics engineers which is graduated from leading universities of our country

Datakom’s future goal is to become our country's first ranked technology company also take place in between the leading technology companies in the world. We keep going to our way with firm & strong steps.

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Year established 1990
Registration no 2710023783 Sarigazi
Cég típusa Központi iroda
Fax +90 216 3646565
Website http://www.datakom.com.tr



    Datakom is an electronics design and production company deeply involved in genset controls since 1994. Offers hightech, web based, cost effective genset controllers D100 - D200 - D300  -D500 and D700 which is the first auto learning synchronization controller (TFT screen available). The company is also involved in energy quality and remote monitoring/control systems. Energy quality products includes power factor controllers, network analysers, panel measurement units, protection relays. The Rainbow Scada represents the ultimate point of remote monitoring systems, providing easy installation and flexibility of use. Products have multi-communication ports (GPRS,ethernet,etc). Datakom internationally represents in 80 countries. Many products UL certified. Technology is now for everyone.


Area : Nyugat-Európa, Közép-Ázsia

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Bay Mehmet Metin Hekimoglu

CEO - Vezérigazgató (Company Manager)


Bayan Deniz Hekimoglu

Nemzetközi menedzser (Company Manager)