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Our company specializes in the sale of disinfection, antiseptic, washing, cleaning and other industrial and domestic chemicals. Our products includes: disinfectants for preventive, current and final disinfection at food industry enterprises, communal facilities, transport, health care institutions, medical and prophylactic institutions of all profiles, industrial enterprises, other institutions, foci of infectious diseases; antiseptics for rapid surgical and hygienic disinfection of the skin of the hands and body, as well as small surfaces, medical, cosmetic and other tools worn on the hands of rubber gloves in urgent situations.

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Year established 2016
Registration no 2996014288
Legal form Private Business
Cég típusa Másodlagos létrehozás : Bejegyzett cím
Website http://sans-trade.com http://exportua.all.biz




Area : Közép-Kelet-Európa, Nyugat-Európa, Közép-Ázsia, Közép-Kelet, Afrika, Közép-Amerika, Dél-Amerika

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  • Zoia Avdienko

    Igazgatósági tag (Director)

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