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İreks Gıda

Çerkezköy OSB İsmet Paşa Mahallesi 4. Sok. No:5 59510 Kapaklı / Tekirdağ Türkey.
No:5 59510 Kapaklı / Tekirdağ Türkey.
59510 / Kapaklı /


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Company information İreks Gıda Sanayi A.Ş.


In 1856 the company  was found  by master baker and brewer from German ( Kulmbach)  who laid the foundation stone for the IREKS Company more than 160 years ago: Johann Peter Ruckdeschel.
İREKS A.Ş. was founded in 1990 as a joint investment between IREKS GmbH, a company operating in more than 90 countries worldwide, and the DURUK family who are the owner and one of the leading investment families within the food sector in Turkey.
Industry Experience
İREKS A.Ş. has been supplying products, pre-products and raw materials to industrial facilities, bakeries, the confectionery sector, hotels and the catering sector for production in international quality standards. The wide product range consists of bread improvers, mixes for bread and products for confectionery and speciality baked goods.
IREKS Group is supported by three pillars, which, at the same time, represent the basis of our daily work: Continuity of thought and actions, competence in all areas and working together in partnership.
Range Of Product
Consumers want a wide variety of baked goods from their baker, the baked goods on offer should always be diverse, delicious and fresh at all times, from one bakery to another.
At İREKS we have the corresponding solution for every enquiry with a comprehensive range of improvers,mixes and products for confectionery baked goods, with reliable quality and repeatedly new ideas, which we would like to promote together with you.
-         Aroma & Taste
Sourdoughts and malt products
-         Fuction & Process
Improvers for bread and morning goods.
       International Concepts
Mixes for bread and morning goods.
-         World Of Confectionery Baked Goods
Confectionery baked goods products.
-         Certified Organic Quality
Product range with organic products
-         Wellnes & Lifestyle
Trendy products with added value
-         Special Nutrition
Gluten-free,lactose-free or kosher
Quality And Reliability
For people to be able to enjoy bread and baked goods without any worries, this is what we,as food manufacturer,are working on for our customers on daily basis. Within the İREKS quality managment system, a consequent quality policy,intensive raw materials control,our hi tech production,certification according to ISO 9001 and IFS,as well as our HACCP concept, take care of this especially.
Service Package
İREKS customers benefit from a comrehensive service package.with strong field service, our global network of partner companies,attractive training courses and seminars, creative concepts for marketing and sales and manifold support in all questions regarding the bakery,we are at the side of the bakeries worldwide, we can offer our customers the services they expect from us. For: 100 % IREKS means 100 % quality. And 100 % safety.

Általános információk

Year established 1990
Registration no 4800011110
Cég típusa Központi iroda - Bejegyzett cím - Elosztàsi központ - Gyàr - Szolgàltató raktàr - Telephely - Áruhàz - Értékesítési iroda
Fax +90 2827582121


  • Akbank, Türkiye İş Bankası


Area : Nyugat-Európa
Country : Németország


Area : Közép-Kelet, Afrika, Közép-Ázsia
Country : Szaud-Arábia, Egyesült Arab Emirátusok, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordánia, Irak, Irán, Libanon, Libia, Türkmenisztán, Azerbajdzsán, Georgia, Oman, Nigéria

Főbb adatok İreks Gıda Sanayi A.Ş.


  • Cég

    100 - 249 Employees


  • 2017

    Over 50 million TRY

  • 2016

    Over 50 million TRY

  • 2015

    Over 50 million TRY

  • 2002

    1 million TRY

Executives İreks Gıda Sanayi A.Ş.


Bay Ali Obut

Menedzser (General Manager)

Activities İreks Gıda Sanayi A.Ş.

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  • Gyártó
  • Viszonteladó
  • Service provider

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NACE-BEL (BE 2008) :
NACE Rev.2 (EU 2008) :

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