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NORBIT is an international, knowledge-based group that supplies high- technology products, systems and solutions to industrial customers in the following markets: ITS, ODM, SubSea and EMS.

ITS - Intelligent traffic Systems "The Independent DSRC Supplier"

Norbit ITS is an independent provider of 5.8 GHz DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication) equipment, used for electronic tolling systems and similar purposes. We develop, manufacture and sell equipment to integrators and tolling operators on the world market. Our products are in operation in a number of countries worldwide, and we believe our products, our support and the product quality are the best in the business.

Norbit ITS is part of Norbit Group. Norbit Group develops, manufactures and sells a wide range of advanced electronic products to professional customers within areas such as oil and gas, aeronautical, defence and electronic tolling. Many of our products contain RF, microwave and sonar technology.

Our DSRC products are in two categories:
DSRC readers (RSUs) and tags/transponders (OBUs). We have RSUs for mounting on the roadside/gantry, for parking/access and for desktop use (for checking/personalization of OBUs). Our RSUs are in operation in hundreds of lanes around the world, reliably collecting money for the end customers. The RSUs are easily integrated in into customers real-time computer systems, using any of a number of interface options available. Norbit ITS may also tailor functionality and interfacing according to customers requirements. Our range of OBUs includes standalone OBUs for mounting on vehicle windscreen and DSRC Modules for integration into customers on-board equipment. Several million OBUs based on Norbit technology have been delivered, and Norbit ITS is the largest provider of OBUs in Norway

Norbit SubSea -
Norbit Subsea is a supplier of instrumentation and communication solutions. The company has innovated a range of acoustic based sensors, e.g. a new wideband multibeam sonar, and high datarate powerline telemetry solutions for wireline applications.

Norbit ODM - Original Design Manufacturer
The desire to pursue excellence pervades our international team of "Champion's league" engineers and has yielded a range of ground-breaking products within the following fields:
Navigation systems
Radio and antenna systems
Power line modems

EMS - Electronic Manufactoring Services
NORBIT is the largest shareholder in the EMS Norbitech AS at Røros, Norway and ASTI AS in Selbu.

NORBIT is also a shareholder and strategic partner for the SW company Kvikna at Iceland.

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Year established 2008
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Per Jørgen Weisethaunet

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Per Jørgen Weisethaunet

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Per Arne Eide

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Frode Iglebæk

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Carl Fredrik Eide

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